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About Children's Music Academy

About Children's Music Academy (ages 4-8)

It seems that most music schools and academies for children focus exclusively on private instruction with recitals to follow. Some of those academies may also include music technology instruction and other collaborative opportunities. Children’s Music Academy provides a fresh, new, holistic approach to music instruction that has not yet been attempted before in Pittsburgh. This amazing curriculum that we teach is the creation of longtime music educator Jan Cross, who has spent decades applying and fine-tuning her teaching style in a way that allows any child to gain the benefits of music instruction at an early age, regardless of skill or experience.

Co-owners Martina and Michael had the opportunity to travel to the CMA headquarters in Denver, CO to see Mrs. Cross’ curriculum in person. What we witnessed next was indescribable at first! A room of five-year-old children played chords in the left hand, while playing a melody in the right hand, and singing lyrics along WITH the melody. Every child had their turn, and they all nailed it!! It became clear on the first day of our visit that this was no ordinary music program. We started to understand that concepts these kids were learning were things that we had only begun to learn in high school, and that this was really a full-spectrum music education that was also a fun, family-filled musical experience for all!

After studying the curriculum and the structure of this program, we felt it fit perfectly with our philosophy on how we think children can best learn to hear and play music, and we truly feel that any child that comes through CMA’s program will be a much more complete musician before they turn 10 years old!

Our Five Core Values at Children’s Music Academy

1. Our approach is fun, affirming, non-pressured and creative.

Kids begin creating immediately, at the beginning of the course, in a low-stress environment. Each class is filled with various activities to keep your children engaged.

2. We maximize the developmental period of a child's musical ear

Just like learning a language, music and ear training are best absorbed between the ages of 4 and 8. We like to call this the “musical window.”

3. Our small group setting utilizes lively, interactive and diverse experiences

Children are learning, along with other children, and quickly become accustomed to performing together and for each other. Our activities are quick and energetic, providing motivation and accountability, as the children learn with their peers.

4. CMA's curriculum is multi-dimensional, teaching keyboard, singing, theory, ear training, composition, ensemble playing, guitar and recorder

Students are given a full-spectrum music education, in a holistic environment, that provides children all the tools they need to become complete musicians when they graduate.

5. We offer a weekly "musical date" with your child, through a unique bonding experience.

Our program has proven that parental involvement helps children to learn better than they would in a private setting. Having a parent with the child, every step of the way, encourages and motivates the child, making it a fun, family-filled musical experience for all!

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